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Are you that person that always has more cavities at each dental checkup? Don't you wish you could do something about it? Well, now you can!

In our office we don't just watch those small cavities become bigger over time until they need to be filled. We have several preventative protocols to help stop the decay process. This is called Evidence Based Dentistry.

For a cavity to develop several things need to happen.

Here's a list:

  1. You need acid producing bacteria in your mouth
  2. You need to feed those bacteris
  3. The bacteria need to actually produce acids
  4. The acids need to cause calcium in your teeth to leach out
  5. Over time enough calcium needs to leach out so that the structure of the tooth collapses - causing a hole, or cavity to appear.

There are many ways that cavities can be prevented. The most obvious ones, brushing and flossing with a flouride toothpaste, are the most important ones. This helps eliminate the bacteria, their food, and the acids they produce while at the same time applying flouride that helps reverse the damage already done by the acids.

In our office we use several new methods that help stop or even reverse the decay process.


For those patients that develop a lot of cavities, we test their mouths for the type of bacteria that are living there. All we want to know is if they are the type that produce a lot of acid. If we discover that you do have a lot of acid producing bacteria, we can perscribe special mouth rinses that can improve that situation.

Saliva Test

Saliva is one of the best defenses against cavities. It washes away food, bacteria and acids, but most importatntly, it acts as a buffer against the acid that is produced, neutrolizing it and making it harmless. In those adult patients that are still developing extensive decay, we recommend a saliva test to help determine if something needs to be done to help the saliva do it's work.

MI Paste Trays

MI paste is a new toothpaste that has Recaldent in it. Recaldent is derived from casein, which is a product of milk. Recaldent is even better than fluoride at repairing early decay. In those patients that need extra protection, we make a custom fitted tray that the patient wears on their teeth for a short while before brushing each night. MI Paste is placed in the tray. By applying the active cavity fighting ingredients to the teeth in this manner, we can, in many cases reverse the small cavities already forming, and they may never need to be filled!

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